Acoustic Research Tool (ART)  v0.10
ARTcell Class Reference

The base class for all classes containing name, short and long description of an object and HTML explanation.

Inheritance diagram for ARTcell:
ARTobject ARTproperty AcousticResearchTool ARTItimeModule ARTmethod ARTmodelInterface ARTprototype ARTsimulator ARTdataProp ARTlistProp

Public Member Functions

 ARTcell (const string name="", const string sds="", const string lds="", const string htm="")
 ARTcell (const ARTcell &orig)
virtual ARTcellclone ()
const string & GetName () const
const string & GetShortDescription () const
const string & GetLongDescription () const
const string & GetHelpFilename () const
void SetName (const string name)

Protected Attributes

string name_
 Identifier of ARTObject.
string shortDesc_
 Short Description of ARTObject (single line hint)
string longDesc_
 Long Description of ARTObject (multi line text)
string helpFile_
 File name of HTML help file for ARTObject.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ARTcell::ARTcell ( const ARTcell orig)
origcopy constructor