Acoustic Research Tool (ART)  v0.10
ARTproperty Member List

This is the complete list of members for ARTproperty, including all inherited members.

ARTcell(const string name="", const string sds="", const string lds="", const string htm="") (defined in ARTcell)ARTcellinline
ARTcell(const ARTcell &orig)ARTcellinline
ARTproperty(const string name, const string sds="", const string lds="", const string htm="", const bool listable=false) (defined in ARTproperty)ARTpropertyinline
ARTproperty(const ARTproperty &orig)ARTpropertyinline
clone() (defined in ARTproperty)ARTpropertyinlinevirtual
GetHelpFilename() const (defined in ARTcell)ARTcellinline
GetLongDescription() const (defined in ARTcell)ARTcellinline
GetName() const (defined in ARTcell)ARTcellinline
GetShortDescription() const (defined in ARTcell)ARTcellinline
IsListable() (defined in ARTproperty)ARTpropertyinline
SetName(const string name) (defined in ARTcell)ARTcellinline
~ARTcell() (defined in ARTcell)ARTcellinlinevirtual
~ARTproperty() (defined in ARTproperty)ARTpropertyinlinevirtual